Construction Of A Lower Novel City

строительство коттеджейLeading construction in Low Novgorod and province - House projects Cattage projects♪ By creating country houses for our customers, our company offers them the opportunity to personally participate in the creation of a cottage project. The special computer program will show you how any room for your future cottage from inside will look.

For the construction of boilers and gift houses, we propose the selection of carcass technology (one of the most demanded and cost-effective for today), as well as natural whole wood, cylindrovan brae and glue bruis.

The cattle project that our company's specialists have built is a modern, cozy and safe house. Your new cattage, built by us, is a place that will be comfortable for a year round. Any of our cattle or homework project is a guarantee of the quality of the work done and the exact expression of the customer ' s wishes. We're not only in the process of designing and building cottages, renting ready houses. We do a lot more - translate your ideas and dreams into reality!

Order Construction of cattleYasen - 122" You will receive a house with a total area of 122 square metres, with an outlet from the Siding of PVC, a metal front door, plastic windows and all communications authorized by the relevant authorities. The cattle projects in Low Novgorod from GK Copy Dom are fully equipped with a plumbing, underwater and plum, etc. for a washing machine.

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