Unfinished Construction

Yesterday, before the Court of Arbitration of the Sverdlovsk Region, he attended a hearing as a representative of the creditor. The case was followed by an application by the Spaniard ' s Arbitration Manager on the construction site of the construction worker, who dissolved the contract with the non-traditional contractor and began to develop its own. There is a dop. of the termination of the transfer order, and the arbitrator has nothing but a trespasser, and it is that the contract will be terminated seven years ago before the deplorable position of the developer. What the arbitrator operates is essentially nothing. However, if its claims are met, the creditors for whom ownership rights have been recognized unfinished construction site There will be clear problems. The object could not be completed from 2005 and infinity courts were currently under way from 2009.
The hearing was postponed because the process did not go and died at the request stage, waiting for some answers from the Ministry of Construction and the Department of Public and Housing Oversight. We understand that the documents are not kept for more than four years, but that the arbitrator ' s counsel is required by the judge for lack of information on the request.

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