Ministry Of Construction

Министерство строительства
Good news. There's a new housing complex in Shelhova.
Shelekhov is a young, developing city. This was particularly evident in the past year, when the construction of multi-family houses, including various federal programmes, has been markedly revived.
In the master plan, the city of metallurgs has a special role to play in the construction of the Western residential area, especially the new 3rd geriain.
There's already been a modern comfort. This positive trend continued in 2016: GS Raziviti decided to participate in the " Gello for the Russian Family " programme, which operates within the framework of the State programme of the Russian Federation " To provide affordable, comfortable housing and public services to Russian citizens " .
Affordable, reliable, qualitative. It is in this way that there is a synergistic effect where each indicator not only complements, but also reinforces another. According to the founders of the housing complex, the first letters of this slogan-- DNA is the very basis for making the project interesting for buyers.
At the solemn ceremony, the head of the city of Valerie Dov, Deputy Minister and Road Traffic Andrei Makarov and Director-General of Pavel Borisov ' s Department of Education cut the symbolic red ribbon at the site of the next nine phases.
The builders have prepared everything for the first swab, they've dug out the boilers, they've installed equipment to build a living room.
The representatives of the city, the regional government and the construction company leave their signatures to the 11-metre ferrobet design, which, in the eyes of the present, float, under the glimpse of the swab car, goes to the project depth.
Finally, another new construction of the Gillo for the Russian Family in the Irkut region is under way!

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