Example Of Home Construction Estimates

Пример сметы на строительство

Everyone wants to live with comfort, but it is often possible to reach it only away from the mysterious and loud streets of big cities, for example, in their own country home. At present, the construction of extra-urban houses is accessible to many, owing to the availability of low-cost construction materials and the development of modern construction technologies that significantly reduce the cost of building houses. And years of experience and the high qualification of our specialists in the construction of suburban houses in St. Petersburg (SPB) and Len regions allow us to guarantee high quality and low estimated costs. In the case of a visit to the country house, the construction estimates will be prepared with your direct involvement, which will give you a clear idea what money will be spent. The construction estimate makes it possible to understand the dependence of the house ' s final cost on a cost point. Accordingly, you will be able to find for yourself the perfect ratio of the size of the country house to the price of its separate materials. In order for you to draw up an estimate for the construction of the country house, it is necessary to define the cottage project. This may be a free model project from our base or purchased in the organizations concerned, and we also invite our clients to establish an individual project for the construction of a country house.

Size House construction estimates Depends directly on the type of house chosen (dry, stone, monolith), the cost of separation and distance from St. Petersburg (SPB). It is worth noting that the price per square metre of the construction of the country ' s home, with the increase in space, is not linear. So the more the house, the less the square metre cost and the more attractive the final estimates for the building are. On the other hand, a big house will have to spend a lot of energy on heating it in wintertime (and in the fall-weight) which may become a problem unless you have gas on the site.

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