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The Greek austerity programme includes increasing the tax burden of the population, increasing the prices of a wide range of daily consumer baskets, reducing wages and pensions, abolishing many social benefits and benefits for the poor. While it envisages a phased implementation of measures, most of which are planned for 2017-2018, some have already entered into force since the 1st June of this year: for example, coffee, wine, cigarettes, petrol, mobile communications, cable television.

In response to the authorities ' actions on social media, a protest movement was launched under the heading " Retirement! " , which quickly came from virtual space to urban streets and squares. Last week, numerous marches and rallies were held in the capital and other Greek cities against tax and price increases. The organizers promise to increase the stock until the Cipras office resigns.

From the beginning of June, dockers and port agents are running. They disagree with the Government ' s plans to privatize Greek ports, which may result in massive dismissals. The situation began to rise until the tourists in Pirei and Thessaloniki had to unload their luggage to the ferry boats and cruise ships, walk away from the port territory, the buses do not miss the pickets of the strikers.

The Greek crisis really turned out to be new sights for Athens. More than 2,000 street artists have recently appeared in the city. The Athens street art, in the view of European authorities in this field, has significantly improved its artistic level, with beauty and composiveness. Only the country ' s difficult economic situation has had a strong impact: paintings and graphics are mainly focused on the acute social problems of Greek society.

Macedonia Mass unrest is continuing due to the protracted political crisis. The opposition forces, through the Social Democratic Union, continue to categorically to reject compromise with the ruling coalition of conservative nationalists, accusing it of falsifying the 2014 presidential and parliamentary elections and forcing the country ' s economic underdevelopment, lack of reform and corruption of government officials.

Early parliamentary elections have already been appointed and postponed on several occasions. The next date was set on 5 June. However, the opposition, backed by the popular movement of the Prostirias!

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