Construction Of Non-Removable Deck Houses

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Construction of non-removable deck houses with their hands
So there is a foundation that has been done in the most appropriate way for this ground. Most often, it's a ribbon base. In any case, it is first covered by a layer of hydro-insulated material, and armastic punctures are beaten.
First-row pancake
Blokis shall be carefully placed on the fixture and secured in accordance with the manufacturer ' s recommendations (retractions). Starting with the corners. It's convenient for them to pull the cord to check with him when the rest of the blocks are in the row. There are burrows and bags on the thorns of material. This type of compound will keep all parts of the deck in place. The first layer is the foundation of the future building. At this stage, internal bulkheads, inlets, are being laid down. All engineering communications are formed immediately. The design characteristic of the blocks (internal voids) allows for the concealment within the walls of all the necessary divorce. You can't forget ventilation.
Second-row pan
The second set of blocks is designed with a shift like bricks. This interchange will ensure the strength and rigidity of the design. It is important to ensure that the sides of the blocks are matched. I'll have to check with the level to keep the wall away from the vertical. Fixing the first and second row blocks is easy. The pips on the surface of the elements shall be closed after light pressure.
The 3rd foaming block is similar to the level 2 installation.
Sod olive.
Bethon is pouring through the perimeter of the deck. It's important to tighten the cliff. The small depth of the solution allows for the use of a piece of art for this purpose: it operates as a barrel, and it plugs the concrete to get rid of the void, destroying the air bubbles. The optimum length is calculated as follows: the height of the unit needs to be multiplied by 3. But the acquisition (or lease) of a deep vibrator will be enhanced as soon as possible. It will be much more effective with the solution sealing. For this purpose, the diameter of the working part shall not exceed 4 cm.
Specialists advise not to cement the upper layer of blocks until the end. If a halve of the extreme row is completed, the choves will be hidden inside the foam-polistic components of the deck. So the wall will be stronger. One m2 will require a leak from 0.75 to 0.125 m3 solution.
4th and subsequent series

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