Construction Of A Wooden House

Строительство деревянного дома
In several ministries, the idea of a concessional mortgage for those wishing to build a wooden house is discussed. Plans are really great.
In addition to the fact that the buoyant to build a tree house will benefit from the provision of credit, and the plots with the new woods themselves want to be exempted from taxes.
But that's not all. The representatives of the MinpromTrade propose to allow the construction of large-scale wood-based houses. This will not only lead to green houses, but also save considerable resources for the developer.
In order to develop these solutions, it is planned to change the strategy for the development of the forest complex until 2030. The main objective of change, the creation of conditions for the production of high-quality sawnwood, including through the use of innovative technologies.
In order to effectively implement these decisions, developers are suggesting that the profit or property tax be reduced to companies operating in a wooden house. In general, transfer the economic stimulus of the industry, as has been done in Skolkovo or IT technology, to a wooden house.
The initiators of this idea expect not only the economic impact of the development of the forest industry and its technologies, but also the architectural change in the shape of small cities and human settlements. The wood can be easily and cheap enough to build comfort and a wide variety of architectures and designs.

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