Construction Plan

План строительства дома

Construction in Moscow is carried out in accordance with the City Development Plan, which is the main document of spatial planning.

The Genplan outlines planned indicators for the development of social, transport, engineering, housing, natural and green areas in each area of Moscow.

The plan takes into account a combination of social, economic, environmental, natural and historical characteristics of the city, the cultural traditions and traditions of Moscow and architecture. All this serves as a justification for the long-term strategy of Moscow.

The Russian capital currently has a Master Plan for the Development of Moscow, approved in 2010. The main activities contained in the document relate to the most important sectors of urban development:

  • The paper aims to improve the housing conditions of the needy categories of Moscow and the consistent " housing stock " of the city;
  • The modernization of the Moscow transport infrastructure includes activities for the integrated development of the street road network and all public transport modes;
  • The poorly used productive territories of Moscow are seen as the main reserve for urban development;
  • A separate section in the Genplan includes activities related to the Moscow function of the capital of Russia. These include the deployment of State authorities and foreign missions;
  • The General Plan contains a range of activities to develop the specially protected natural areas of the city and to establish new green areas of general use;

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