Construction Plans

План первого и мансардного этажаThe proportion of the parties to the 8x10 home is one of the most widely distributed solutions, the area of the house is sufficient to translate the various room planning options. As a rule, this type of building is presupposed engineering floor, This means that the housing area of the planned building is significantly increased. Premises located on the mechandise floor are not only full rooms but enjoy special cozy. In some cases, however, projects representing the single-stage construction of size data are also being developed.

The first option is a two-storey house project, which leaves 8.4 by 10.2 m. This area is quite sufficient to plan a house with five units without counting the kitchen, the sanusla and the house. The project has a fairly standard layout, except for the unusual location of the balcony.

Next draft two-storey house size 8x10 It's from a brace of meters with a small open track. Despite the small size of the mechandise floor, the house plan involves four full rooms. It is also worth mentioning separately the unusual, but a very good solution in the second floor.

The third variation is unusually planned, with the absence of a balcony and a romand of " working " dwellings in the house increasing significantly. Such a plan would be good for a family with children, four bedrooms, and a simplicity room would provide a fairly free house.

Another home plan is presented without a balcony and a terrace. With a less complex crypt, much more rooms were available. This house-planning option allows the most rational use of available space for building construction.

The next model of the house is a somewhat non-standard option with the terrace and balcony. Despite the small size, as well as the space of the terrace and balcony, the house of the wave will be suitable for the family, three small bedrooms and a full living room.

Option house size 8x10 m, combined kitchen and living room. Moreover, in order to create a more free space, the location of rooms implies a second light in the living room. This decision makes it possible to get a sense of a big house even in a small area. This location of the premises will be excellent for a young couple: the presence of a wardrobe, a simple kitchen, a roman and a balcony has greatly increased comfort.

The model was given the original form of a double-deck house with cut angles. By donating the building, the architect created an unusual design. This design model is a relatively cost-effective option with interesting solutions in its design.

Вариант первого и мансардного этажа План дома с совмещенной кухней План дома со срезанными углами

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