Plans For The Construction Of The Subway

Новые станции метро в Петербурге, перспективы на будущееReview of new and planned metro stations in Petersburg

The Northern Capital Government has planned the rapid development of the Metropolitan City over the next 10 years. The first seven new stations are scheduled to be operational by 2019. There will also be 45, with the vast majority linking central areas to those on the outskirts in so-called depressive areas. It is also planned to open stations to allow for the passage of land to the nearest localities of the Leningrad region. But everything is in order.

Pieter Metropolitan Development Plans: Year 2015

  • Theater, which is currently under construction;
  • South, Slava Prospect and Dunai. The projects of these stations have already been developed, only for builders;
  • Big Prospect.Новые станции метро в Петербурге, перспективы на будущее - Фото 1 Its plans appear to remain on paper in the near future, as there is no project and no work is under way.

Already at the end of May 2015, the construction of all the above stations was suspended, as the contractor-general simply lacks funds for the purchase of all necessary equipment. The money had to be allocated to the city, but the local authorities had diverted it to other purposes. But the suspension does not mean that they will be completely terminated. Just a few months ahead, which is encouraging.

New subway stations Leningrad regionThere's a reason, but a couple of years has to wait.

The future subway station, Theater.

Already by 2020, St. Petersburg should be linked to certain human settlements in the Leningrad region, not only by road, but also by sub-ground lines. To date, there's only one station outside the city line-- it's the Nine. In five years, there must be a few more, in Kudrovo, Janino, and near the Pickarevka.

The dodrovo is a locality, which today is quite active. New and new residential complexes attracting the attention of buyers are emerging in its territory, so the construction of a metro station is an excellent way of developing the environment infrastructure.

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