Small-Scale Construction Of Newsybirsk

Проект коттеджей в Новосибирске отThe construction of small floors in Novosibirsk is not the first year of STC ' s construction. This is now perhaps the highest priority in our work. Several major types of buildings are identified among the projects implemented. Construction of houses: botttage, taunhouses; buildings: warehouses, garages, accessories, management facilities. In general, the company is building virtually every building and building in Novosibirsk for a total floor of not more than three.

Small-scale construction materials

The STC ' s construction uses materials that are time-tested, local climate and, of course, tested and obtained official certificates and licences for use in the region. Generally, all construction materials are produced in our region: a brick of construction and lining, gas-blocks, autocobed gasoline: sybit and betholex, sawnwood. We have partnerships with all producers, which mainly affects the final cost of construction. In addition to the mutually beneficial relationship with manufacturers, we also have specialized equipment in our asset to reduce labour costs, save time for construction and significantly reduce the cost of material costs. If you're picking up a developer who provides services in the small-scale construction of cottages, private houses or taunhouses in Novosibirsk, you'll be bold on our company.

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