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Пиломатериал для строительстваIn this article, we will try to tell you and show you how in practice the technology of building houses and bunks from our company. The construction methods are designed to be automate, professionalism and respect for our business make our company successful. On the market for small-scale long-term housing and permanent housing, we have been happy to share our experiences for years.

Delivery of materials to the site

For a long time, our company specializes in the purchase of sawnwood (suck and eals) from permanent suppliers from the Tver, Novgorod and Worod region.

Пиломатериал для строительства

After processing our own production and strict quality checks, we deliver construction materials using a truck to the customer.

If a large house or bath is planned, several vehicles may be used instead of one for the transport of construction materials. We're also downloading material to the client's station.

How do you choose the foundation for a bath or home?

When choosing as a future home or bath a small building size of 6x6 metres or less, it will consist of building a basic foundation by our masters.
It must be understood, however, that the tetanus can be established far from every form of soil. The choice of the foundation also depends on the size and purpose of the future building. It is precisely on the extent to which it is properly implemented that the sustainability and durability of all construction are often dependent.

Therefore, our company advises to seriously address this issue and to choose the foundation that will fit all the characteristics for your type of building (in addition to tetanus, it may or may be).

House base

The next stage of construction is a blindfold. For the house from the brushe, it shall be placed on the foundation and shall be performed in one or two veins of 150x150 mm. The master then lays the floors using a bruise of 40x150 mm. In 45 cm from them, the black floor is prepared by a 20 mm thickness of a non-resident board.

Cut from probe

Coupling with warm angles " To the warm angle "

The design " warm angle " is a cut ( angle) with an indigenous chip. The bruise is assembled so that the related angular elements, one of which has a chip, and the other paz, are identical in size and symmetrical.

Доставка материала Доставка материала Столбчатый фундамент Столбчатый фундамент

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