Foam House Technology

Дом из пеноблока

Benefits of building from the foam

In the modern construction industry, various new developments are constantly being introduced. One of the most recent innovations in the modern world is fountain, which is used to produce foams. The construction of suburban foam houses is expanding every day and there are sufficient grounds for this:

  • Peneton walls of breath like wooden and therefore are not protected;
  • The vicious structure of the material contributes to the winter heat conservation and the summer cooling;
  • beautiful sound insulation;
  • Considerable savings on heating;
  • foams are very simple in processing;
  • Environmental purity of the penobetone;
  • Durability - over time, the strength of the foam is rising.

It has also been undeniable that costly elements are not used in the production of penoquetone.Кладка первого ряда It only requires sand, cement, water and special foam. As a result, the construction of foam kits is much less costly than the use of bricks and even wood.

Construction technology There's no problem with foam houses. The pencils are much larger than the brick (the average size of the block is 600*300*200 mm), so the walls are packed much faster.Кладка следующих рядов At the same time, the use of cargo equipment to supply material upstairs is largely not required, as one block, replacing about 15 bricks, weighs almost twice as much.


First, it should be noted that the ease of the foam walls reduces the cost of building the foundation, it is much less powerful than for a brick house. It is recommended that a monolithic ribbon be built for a foam house with a layer of hydroisolation on the top of which it should be slightly above the rock thickness in width.

First foam

The first fountain is always used as a normal construction solution to compensate for the virtually unavoidable inequities of the foundation. It's starting from the angle that is above all. The bulbs of each wall shall be tightened by the cordial bay and shall be filled with the first row. The horizontalness of the laying is carefully checked by the construction level. When the laying is uneven, they shall be removed using the rubber or the slipholic board, the dust shall be removed by a brush. In addition, the nivelra must check the height of the corners of the house, the measurement difference shall not be more than 30 mm.

Армирование Укладка и сверление пенобенонных блоков

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