Neboscrub Technology

When they talk about another record high-ranking structure, they usually say they're getting over the ground. Of course, about the height, the number of floors and elevators, the viewing areas with which half the world can see, and how, for example, water can be brought to a watershed so that the pipes do not break out of enormous pressure in the pipes.

Less talk about the underground, although the question of how giant, almost-kilometre " eggs " , like Burj Khalifa built or the Kingdom-building Tower, are kept in the ground is very interesting. Why aren't they falling? Why aren't they falling into the ground, and how are the huge wind loads?

In order to understand the technology for the construction of bases for skyscrapers, the MPM has approached the Moscow Institute of Gorproject, which is responsible for, inter alia, the design of high-rise buildings. Our consultant kindly agreed to address the head of the design department of Gorproject, the candidate for technical sciences, Elena Zaytsev.

This isn't Manhattan.

" For the design of the foundation of the high-rise building, there is no doubt that Elena Zaytsev speaks a high load of construction. - There is a need to differentiate the concepts of “foundment” and “base of the building”. The foundation understands the part of the building (lower construction, slide, swai, etc.) which shifts the pressure from the building to the ground. Consequently, it is understood that there is an amount of ground that gives rise to additional stress and draught as a result of exposure to the building through its foundation.

The challenge is to correctly design both the foundation and the foundation. The main difficulty arises from the fact that the height of the building is large and the area where the load is transferred to the base relative to the height of the building is small. This results in high voltages, both in the very structure of the foundation (most bending moments and significant swing loads from walls and columns) and in the base(s) " .

Thus, the design of the base is directly dependent on the characteristics of the ground. It is known that, in the most famous park of skyscrapers, Manhattan Island, the scrub is located on the surface, which greatly facilitates the work of the designers. It's enough to clear the flat site, and you can lay the foundation in the form of a thick stove from an armed concrete.

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