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каркас дома из блоковFirst series of blocks

Rhys. 1. Elements of a loaded carcas house from gas cell blocks: 1 is the first row of blocks based on a construction solution; 2 is the prefabricated cell blocks; 3 is the belt ring; 4 is the thickness of the closure of the ironbeton; 5 is the thermal insulating sheet; 6 is the monolithic ferment of 8 isol

It is recommended to start with the corners of the building, rows across the perimeter. Prior to the laying of the first row blocks, it must be hydrolysed (1 to 2 layers of ruberoide are laid on the foundation). All blocks of the first row shall be placed on a sand cement solution with a thickness of not more than 30 mm. Once the first row has been laid, all irregularities shall be removed by means of a rubber or a slipholic board. Strictly monitor the correctness of the rows from the beginning of the lining by means of a stretched piston and horizontal and vertical level or laser focal points.

The first set of blocks should be given maximum attention.строительство дома из газобетона By placing the flat horizontal surface on the first side of the linings, you will facilitate the laying of the next rows as much as possible. Between the foundation (or the cap) and the gasoline lining, a secular horizontal hydrosulation is required, preventing a capillary pump. Roll-bituated materials or special hydro-insulated polymer-cement solutions based on dry mixtures may be used as hydro-isolation. In the event that the surface of the foundation is not perfect, the first set of blocks should be placed on an equating layer of cement pest solution. If the weighting capacity of the units is used by not more than 2/3, it makes sense to equalize the layer of solution to do not complete, but with the burst, it will reduce the heat loss through the stacks.

When the remaining gap in the first row is less than the length of the whole block, the sampling unit shall be constructed at the site.строительство дома из газобетона When installing the prefabricated unit, its surfaces shall be fully caged. Installation of each block, control the level and the pitch. Adjustment of the installation is carried out by a rubber shine.

Come on! After the installation of a number of blocks, please compare the surface of the storage with a terrace. There shall be no level crossings between the neighbouring blocks. If this operation is not performed, local vertical cracks may be created in the storage room in the voltage concentration areas. Imagine the dust that's been stunned.

строительство дома из газобетона строительство дома из газобетона строительство дома из газобетона строительство дома из газобетона

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