Carcasian Engineering

Строительство ЭКО дома

Carcasing house-building
The carcasing technology of construction has several undeniable advantages:
Simulation and ease of construction;
The possibility of construction by one person;
relatively low cost of construction;
Small percentage of carcasses;
If the warming is correctly done, sufficient time is required to warm the space to a comfortable temperature.
With self-sustained carcasing, carcasing technology is the most convenient use. Carcasus's elements in this way are going straight on.
This increases the construction time, but allows even one person to work.
Foundation nuances
For the building to be built long and not to float after the first winter, it is necessary that the foundations of the house and construction are either a single whole or be independent of each other. It is best, of course, that at the construction stage of the main house, a single monolithic foundation under the house and future construction will be built. But that's a little far ahead of us.
Most often, it is necessary to make a separate foundation under construction and rigidly, by means of a mortgage, connect it to the basic foundation. The main thing is to achieve maximum design identity and the depth of both bases. In the event of the impossibility of monolith, the foundations are independent. There are so-called deformation or compensatory stitches between them.
The ideal case is the building of an already existing carcas house on a pole foundation. In this case, under the same parameters of the base pillars and the correct connection of the walls, the influence of the intercomparison of the structures will be minimized.
In practice, under the light-producing device, the most frequent pole-based bases or the use of ready-to-read rifle swai.
Carcasus recommendations

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