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KP Kiev Road Construction Directorate destroyed contracts with the Mostostrah PAO for the construction of the Podol Bridge and met twice on 8 June, and then on 24 June, to identify with a new Generator. Yuri Boyko, head of the parliamentary faction, the Opposition Bloc, is clearly trying to extract an old co-defendant from the Regional Party, Vladimir Prodivus, convincing Kabmin that, in fact, the non-existent Astro is no longer financially applicable.

The forthcoming redirection of budgetary flows to the great Kiev long-term, KievVlast, Kyiv, learned from the request of the Kiev Governor of Vitali Klićko and the Minister for Regional Development, Viacheslav Negoda, from the year to the Kiev Governor. A letter from Yuri Boyko, head of the opposition bloc, addressed to Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman of the year, was the reason for the request.

Boiko ' s request is to verify the legality of the termination of contracts (Contracts Nos. 26 and No. 21-12) concluded in 2004 between the KP Road Construction Directorate and the Mostro PAO for the construction of the Podol Bridge crossing the Dnieper River. Boiko ' s main and only argument in support of the monopoly " Mostroya " is a company as a general contractor Bridge constructionBetween December 2003 and the end of May 2016, about 48 per cent of all planned activities were carried out.

Mr. Vladimir Greciko, President of the PAO ' s Master ' s Board, has officially sought assistance from Boyko. He learned about the plans of the KP ' s management, Road Construction Directorate, to hold a new tender for the purchase of mega-most construction work as of 8 June 2016.

As KV drew attention, the date of disclosure of proposals was postponed to 24 June due to changes in the bidding documents. At the time of release of this material, the results of the tender in the West Purchase, the Kiev Mountain Administration (KGG) site and the KP-Amplicant website were not made public.

We note that the head of the Construction complains that the unprotected gossafalt is currently being destroyed (the hot asphalt concrete mixture. - KV) the hydrosulation on the used Truhan Island, the unprotected compounds on the high-profile bolts, the use of temporary relays on the Dnieper River, and the balance may not be purchased.

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