Department Of Construction


Cubani ' s capital is firmly at the forefront of the Russian Federation on the pace of housing construction. In the municipality, the city of Krasnodar is increasing its annual entry into service, with 862,610,000 square metres in 2006, 1116,768,000 square metres in 2007 and 1,221, 328,000 square metres in 2008 and a global financial crisis in 2009, and 819,389,000 square metres of housing in 2010.

To date, 85 construction companies are involved in the construction of multi-family housing units in the municipality of Krasnodar, Construction of houses 26 companies out of fast-moving structures.

The building block of municipal education in the city of Krasnodar is represented by enterprises carrying out the entire construction cycle, ranging from design, construction materials to good-built work, including 1,329 organizations that carry out financial and management activities.

According to the Municipal Education Administration, the city of Krasnodar, No. 1669, " On the implementation of the Plan for the Entry into Force of Houses in 2011 at the municipal level, the city of Krasnodar " is scheduled to enter into operation in 2011 for 900,000 square metres of housing (including 650,0 thousand square metres of housing units and 250,0 thousand square metres of individual dwellings).

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