Construction Fees

Снипы по строительству частный

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(sighs)SNIP(d) A combination of technical, economic and legal regulations adopted by the executive branch governing the implementation of urban activities, as well as engineering, architectural design and construction.

The system of regulatory documents in the construction of the USSR has been in place along with the system of standardization in construction, which is part of the State Standardization System, as well as the system of standardization in the SEEA. Since 1995, SNip has been a private case of technical regulations. In 2010, existing SNIPs were recognized as rules.

The Single List of Products with Mandatory Requirements in the Customs Union contains:

  • buildings and buildings
  • construction materials and articles
  • roads,
  • Railway infrastructure, including high-speed,
  • Metropolitan infrastructure
  • maritime transport facilities
  • Inland waterways.
  • These requirements are implemented within:

  • Technical Regulations of the Customs Union
  • TC 003/2011 on railway infrastructure safety;
  • TC 014/2011 Security roads
  • In order to meet the mandatory requirements of the Customs Union technical regulations, inter-State standards are used on a voluntary basis (if not national). If these standards are not used, a risk analysis risk assessment shall be carried out. 4.

    The Customs Union ' s technical regulations on security of buildings, construction materials and articles are also being developed.

  • 1929 - Provisional rules and regulations for the design and construction of buildings and structures
  • 1930 - Regulations and Rules for the Construction of Human Settlements, Construction and Construction of Buildings and Facilities
  • 1958 - CH 41-58 Cities Planning and Construction Regulations
  • In the USSR, unified construction design standards were initially in the form of common-law standards.

    For the first time, the documents called " Control Rules and Rules " were issued in 1954. All claims were in four documents:

  • SNIP I " Materials, parts and construction " ;
  • SNIP II " Building Design Notes " ;
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