Construction Of External Engineering Networks

Инженерные коммуникации
  • Engineering networks: network removal, communications

Engineering is a complex and labour-intensive type of work and requires a responsible approach. The SATORI Corporation offers a full range of services covering external engineering communications and networks and ensures a high level of performance of all types of work. Our specialists are highly qualified and the availability of their own technical park enables technological processes to be conducted as efficiently as possible.

What is part of city engineering and communications?

These include all residential, industrial and office systems. All communications can be divided into external and internal. The first are external lighting, hydrotechnical and cleaning facilities, heat supply and electricity. Outboard networks are being built in the initial stage of construction. And the quality of the work depends on the proper provision of public utilities to the facilities being built.

Engineering communications are the foundation of modern construction and are designed to create the necessary comfort for each cattle holder or apartment. Design and Construction of engineering networks The pre-construction phase plays an enormous role. This construction phase includes heating, water, ventilation, electricity, gas submersion and information communications.

The design of the project should take into account the location of existing engineering networks, such as high-volume cables and urban sewage. In the case of project errors, there may be serious problems in the operation of the facility with regard to cold spaces running tubes, unpleasant smell and non-functional electricity.

Types of work on external networks performed by the company

Construction of external engineering networks and communications (water, sewerage, heating, etc.)

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