Construction Of Houses In The Towels

дуплекс 2016-03.png

DOM 90 square metres + section 6 flow

Duma-DUPLEX is a good offer for those who want to change the apartment in the shower city to their own house in a building with a 6-bed plot.

DOM-DUPLEX (two hosts, one common wall) is proposed under the following conditions:

  • 1 Section - 90 square metres (2 floors) in the black
  • 1 Section - 90 square metres (2 floors) under net
  • 1 Section - 90 square metres (2 floors) in the clean room
  • section 6 flow
  • 6 months
  • All communications (light, water, gas)
  • home access
  • It's possible to set up an apartment. building houses

Area + Communication + DOM

The priority of this proposal is the price-quality ratio.

Two in one: Earth and House

If you want to buy a cottage in Toliatti with a land station and built communications, that's a proposal for you!

All home projects combine the best European trends in embodiment, sense of style and harmony. The architecture of houses involves both classical execution and modern, with strict forms of interesting procrastination, which, together with the details of façade separation, make houses visually attractive. Much attention has been paid to the ergonomic of the internal space of the future home, which makes living comfortable and comfortable for the whole family.

Buying a house in a cottage plant called Earth to the People, 10 kilometres from the city, is a way of breaking into the atmosphere of peace and indifference, far from the city's loom, in unity with nature.

General characteristics of the home

In the construction of the cottage, the basement of the lodge was intact. We use quality ceramic concrete blocks in the construction of loaded walls. The outer compartment of the houses is used with a piece of equipment and a decorative stone. Inter-ethnic closure is a monolithic or wooden structure. The cost also includes the glazing, the installation of the front door and the construction of intercommunity partitions. The bed of the cottage is performed from the metal turtle, with the possibility of replacing the natural turtle or a soft roof.

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