Construction Of Boarding Houses

Каркасно-щитовой дом

In order to create a full image of the place, it is necessary to build a house in which you will be happy to come in the summer of the weekend to rest from the endless city loom. However, many of the lucky ones are facing a problem -- the time frame for construction. Often, it takes four to six months, which is far from all. In this case, the construction of a carcass-protection house under the key becomes an excellent solution. In our company, you can order this service on favourable terms. Over the years on the market, we have developed low-cost carcass-protection houses that can be bought and installed in your precinct as soon as possible.

Construction of carcass-protection houses

Under the project, the carcass of such a house shall be constructed from a board with a minimum section of 50x100 cm. At the bottom, throughout the perimeter of the building, there shall be a vein from the brace whose minimum section is 150x150 cm, followed by vertical positions (50x100 cm). Thereafter, when construction, the floor lags will be placed on the lower vein and the ceiling lags on the top.

Dignity of carcas-protection houses

Cost. In our catalogue, the price of carcasco-protection houses is relatively low, the reason is that shields and carcasing elements of the design are manufactured in our own production. Thus, at the expense of the low cost of our own materials, but at their high quality, we are relatively well provided. low-cost construction Carcass-protection houses under our project key.

High speed of construction. The production and construction takes place only a few days, thanks to the simplicity of technology and the availability of their own carcass-protection projects. Functions are often built within hours and can be built almost immediately. Because all the details are manufactured by one manufacturer at the factory, they're very good at each other, which increases the speed of installation.

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