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The area of perpetual grazing, which occupies two thirds of our country ' s area, is called the strategic core of Russia, its storage base, the fuel and energy base and the currency yard. There are combinations, mines and careers, roads, ports and airfields. And standing on eternal ice is a whole city where the construction of each house can be regarded as a hindrance.

On how buildings are being built in the northern territories, the characteristics of polar structures and the role of energy-saving technologies in a harsh climate, we interviewed the Deputy First CFC Advisor for Science and International Cooperation, the Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Rashit Nazirov and the Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Adviser to the Russian Academy of Architectures and Construction Sciences and Professor of the Civil and Industrial Architectures of Jury Gon. Construction of houses Polars.

City on Earth

Rashit Anwarovich, Yuri Mihailović, can particular principles of construction in the North be highlighted?

R.N.: There are no cardinal differences in the construction of houses in the North and on the mainland. But there are features. The general principles of construction are based on fundamental laws of physics. Above all, it is necessary to ensure the safe thermal insulation of the house. This means the application of well-designed designs of buildings that guarantee the absence of cold waters, the use of efficient materials and energy-saving technologies. And, of course, it's the features of building the foundations.

Y.G.: Building a house on an ice pancir that constantly changes its structure is very difficult. Fishy soils - sandstones, galleys and clays - are the most unpredictable under eternal grazing conditions. The buildings that have been eroded are heating the ground, and it loses monolithicity, starts to sink and shift. There have been cases of destruction of incorrectly constructed houses in Chit, some of the BAM areas are floating. In Canada, for example, residents had to leave two small towns built during the war: their homes had been completely drained. So the bases of buildings on grazing can only be built by taking special measures to maintain the constant temperature of the ground.

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