Novels In Construction

The development of transport infrastructure is one of the most important tasks of modern Russia. How's the world road construction going? Large, unusual road projects are being implemented in many countries today.

In December 2014, ARUP, an independent international engineering company, issued a report prognosis entitled " The Future of the Highway " . In the coming decades, the report states that the number of vehicles on the world ' s roads will increase by 3 per cent annually. And most of these vehicles will be busted on urban roads because by 2050, 75 per cent of the world ' s population will live in cities.

Roads in their current state cannot cope with the increasing flow of transport. Quality changes are needed. And they don't keep themselves waiting.

It'll be light!

According to ARUP, in the next 30 to 35 years we are expected to be almost inconceivable for a modern man. For example, concrete using a special bacteria to treat cracks. What about a road surface in the form of giant solar panels capable of wireless charging of vehicles while driving or the use of light-bearing heating elements to control the heating of roads? Despite the fiction of these and similar thoughts, some of them are beginning to come into effect today.

For example, producers from the Netherlands, under the " Smart Highway " project, offer a dark marking of roads. The colorful lines of the Dutch invented photoluminescent paint, with the opening of the evening, begin to light itself. In addition, the paint consists of a temperature change component. If it falls below zero (which means the road becomes slippery), it displays symbols as white snowflakes warning drivers. As a pilot project, this marking has already been made on one of the highways in the south, near the border with Belgium. Recently, the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure (the Government of this small country has a position!) requested a light marking of another highway.

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