Carcasing Price Construction

Проект домаDimension: 3x5 m

Area: 46, 15 m2

Dimension: 10x9 m

Area: 120.06 m2

Dimension: 13x7 m

Area: 81.05 m2

Dimension: 9x11 m

Area: 178.8 m2

Dimension: 7x6 m

Area: 71.72 m2

Dimension: 6x6 m

Проект дома Area: 31.1 m2

Dimension: 9x5 m

Area: 42 m2

Dimension: 9x6 m

Area: 40 m2

Dimension: 15x14 m

Area: 246 m2

Dimension: 12x8 m

Area: 206 m2

Dimension: 14x10 m

Area: 198 m2

Dimension: 10x10 m

Проект бани Area: 168.7 m2

Dimension: 10x13 m

Area: 167 m2

Dimension: 11x11 m

Area: 162 m2

Dimension: 12x9 m

Area: 148 m2

Construction of carcass houses and, to date, one of the most promising technologies for the construction of small-scale urban housing. In Canada and in many countries in Europe, carcasing has been very widespread and has gained increasing popularity in recent years, even though Russians have recently appeared relatively recently.

Проект домаThis technology has a number of obvious advantages. Such houses are built on the key sufficiently quickly, and their appearance and quality of service do not deviate from homes that have been completed in other technologies. And it's all for a price that's very attractive to most Russians.

It should be noted that since this technology has been available on the market for a short time, not all companies can boast quality. Construction of carcasses♪ Meanwhile, our company has a separate unit specializing exclusively in this construction technology.

Projects and prices of carcas houses are presented on our website. The variety of options would satisfy everyone, and the ratio of the price, quality and speed of such a dwelling would be a good surprise to you. All you have to do is choose the already prepared drawings of carcass houses or, together with our architects, to design the home of your dream, which will reflect your inner world.

In addition, we propose ready-made carcasing houses with high strength and energy efficiency. Winter in this house will be warm and cozy, and summer is easy and comfortable. Our specialists can offer you projects of single-stage carcasses or machine houses. You can also refine the shield house projects we have developed or offer your version completely different from the model.

Проект дома Проект бани Проект дома Проект дома

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