Price Construction

Строительство дома из

In fact, the principle of construction was known back in the nineteenth century, just for the breton to be found, it was used... to bleed. She went into a limestone solution and triggered his intense chemical reaction. The injected solution was caught, and he was drinking the right size blocks. But because of the shortage of such a specific catalyst, the new technology did not survive healthy competition.

The second attempt to conquer the construction Olympics had come to the twentieth century from 30 to 40. And that was a simple accident. One of the co-workers dropped the root of the soap into the working tank, causing an active injection of the limestone solution. But there are no foams in the TPP of the required construction materials, due to difficulties in extracting the required number of natural calators.

By the 1970s alone, when the energy crisis broke out and the prices of ironbethon had risen significantly, the builders had been reminded of efficient and cost-effective technology. Many manufacturers have embraced the idea and created powerful foam production lines. In Russia, the material has also become a popular and demanded product. On a gradual basis, the fountains have been seriously competing with the classic ferrobone.

Dignity of the foam

Light weight. The building weighs little, makes it easy and fast to build a box of the building and its internal partitions.

Effective comfort. The penosites are microscopic closed cells with air, so they have a low rate of thermal conductivity, in fact, a conveniencer and construction material in one " face " . In order to further enhance the useful characteristics of the wall being prepared from this material, its linings are used not by standard solution but by ad hoc glue to reduce the breadth of the working stitches.

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