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How to get land Construction of a home free

Land is free. Conditions of acquisition

As a result of the changes introduced in land legislation, a new procedure for obtaining land by citizens free of charge has been in place since March 2015. It should be noted that land is provided from public or municipal property and a decision of the competent authority is required.

The Act defines the following categories of citizens who can obtain land for the construction of a house free of charge:

  • Citizens who have received land from the municipality for individual housing construction for a period not exceeding six years. This means that, in the first place, citizens with the municipality must have a contract to grant (i.e. free) the use of a plot of land for individual purposes.

    Mandatory conditions: these citizens must work at the main place of work in these municipalities and use the land section solely on the given assignment (i.e. under the individual construction). Such land will be available at the end of five years from the date on which it is granted free use (art. 39.5, para. 5). The land area under these conditions shall be granted only once.

    Importantly, the list of posts falling under this article of the law is not prescribed, but it is understood that specific posts will be determined by the legislation of the constituent entities of Russia and municipalities. It may be assumed that the list will include the most needed specialists in low-populated areas (pupils, teachers), as innovations are primarily aimed at recruiting missing professionals in such areas.

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