Construction Security

A.M. Vorobiev
Minister of Construction and
Development of the Murmansk Region

Construction development

The Murmansk Region Building Complex brings together more than 500 construction, installation and specialized organizations, construction, product and design facilities, project and research organizations of all forms of ownership, and is one of the largest employers in the region: the number of employees in the industry is more than 24,000.

In order to support the construction complex in the context of the current global economic crisis, the Government of Murmansk province is trying to maintain investment in the construction (reconstruction) of provincial and municipal property at the 2009 level. The priority is to preserve social guarantees for the population.

A large-scale project, the development of the fuel and energy complex, which will provide second breathing, will provide a strong impetus for the development of all industrial sectors, including construction, to increase employment. It's just a phase. facilities The Stockholm project will involve up to 7,000 people. The construction site in 250 ha has to mount 160,000 tons of blunt-modulous metals. The volume of concrete work will be 250,000 cubic metres.

Investment projects

At the international economic forum held in S. Petersburg in June 2010, the Government of Murmansk province identified 10 strategic investment projects, including:

  • 6 million tons of refinery in the region;
  • Window park along the Murmansk road - p. Fogene - p. Teriberca;
  • Integrated development of the Murmansk transport unit;
  • Construction of a mining compound based on the deposit of apatitis-nephene ores of the Reindeer Rouge;
  • Integrated development of the Stockmann Gas Condensate deposit, including the liquefied Natural Gas Plant and the port transport and technology complex for its shipment, etc.


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