Construction Of Vehicles

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Procedures and characteristics of the land for construction The Land Code of the Russian Federation is established from land in State or municipal property.

In accordance with article 30 of the Land Code of the Russian Federation, the provision of land for construction takes place without prior agreement on the location of facilities exclusively in tendering (competitions, auctions).

In order to consider the establishment of a land parcel for the construction of a car wash in Kazani territory, as appropriate, you need to make a statement to the Committee on Land and Property Relations of the Executive Committee, Kazani, at Kazan, Ul. Gruzheva, d.5, Cab.103a. The application is accompanied by copies of the identity document and the certificate of tax records, as well as a topographical survey of the M 1:500 at the boundaries of the requested land area, a land cadastral discharge.

The auctions are open to participants. A notice of their holding is published in the media at least 30 days before the auction. For bidding, the applicant shall submit to the bid organizer (either through or through his representative) within the time limit set in the notice of tendering. The bidder shall be recognized as the bidder offering the highest price or the highest rent.

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