Land Lease

Аренда земли под строительство
Rehabilitation centre for homeless animalsный

Each of us has different treatments for homeless domestic animals: some of us are greedy and passing through, others feeding and others trying to find them a new home. But all of us are that the street is not a place for home-loving people.
The AEO volunteers know how to solve this problem. This animal needs a shelter, a place where every four-legged pet will be examined and processed by veterinary doctors, sterilized, bleached, chipped and, where possible, built into a new family, or restored to habitats, followed by regular traces of the fate of the animal.
Work is already under way:
Development of a project for the centre building, which is designed to accommodate 20 homeless dogs and 20 cats
Land lease for the construction of the Centre
currently under development Construction permit and geodetic work is under way at the site.
But it's only a small step on the way to a big goal, the Centre needs your help now to pay for the rent of the land, the fees for the designers and the geodesy, and other recurrent expenses of the organization.
Little Life is an official organization, all funds collected and expenditure information will be published in the group and on the website
Don't worry about the fate of the homeless animals! Everyone can help you! Only by uniting our efforts, we can get the animals off the street! This is so important to all of us!
If you're interested in the project and there's a wish to help, contact us: +7 909 099 2637 Anna, Project Coordinator.
It is easier to help the project now:
1. You can make a donation on the new Yandex service.
2. You can transfer the money from the phone here.
Don't forget to confirm the payment to the free SMS with number 1
Estimated account 4070 3810 3074 6000 0554,
c/s 3010 1810 4000 0000 0711
BIC 047501711,
The payment is a voluntary donation.
Details of the project on the small-life website.

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