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‘СтроительствоSANC-PETERBOURG, 14 July. / TAS/. The Ingraztroy Spb, the general contractor for the construction of the Zenit-Aren stadium on the Crussian island of St. Petersburg, declared an attempt to seize the Ryder.

Last night, July 13, several subcontracting organizations involved in the construction of the stadium, namely the Leoks, the Alprom, the Construction Administration 620, tried to sabotage Construction of stadium on the Crustic island, it's said in the company's press service.

According to the company, trucks blocked the passage of vehicles, subcontractors prevented construction workers from accessing jobs. Following the arrival of the police and prosecutors, the situation was brought under control.

" All information that the situation was allegedly resolved through interference by the city ' s administration is not true " is highlighted in the press release. In the company, the officials of the St. Petersburg Administration not only do not act to resolve the situation, but also contribute to its deterioration by disseminating false information about the contractor.

Ingestrastro Spb says that news from the media about the alleged strike that took place on the eve of the stadium is not a correct reflection of the situation. Forced actions that have taken place can only be considered as an attempt to erode the completion dates that have been initiated with the participation of some of the city ' s administrations.

The actions of the authorities could undermine the construction of Zenit Arena.

The company also stated that the authorities of St. Petersburg could delay the completion of the stadium.

"The clerk, through the city administration, is doing everything to break the deadline for completion of the project, namely, the lack of project decisions (project documentation). In July 2016, the employer handed over to the Central Expertise of Russia a further package of project decisions. Changes and new work on both contracts will be up to 30 per cent of the total contract activity, which, given seasonality and production technology, can make substantial adjustments in the delivery of the stadium, are stated in the company ' s communication.

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