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Бизнес-план строительной фирмы - как открытьIt's about how to open a building firm, what it takes, what equipment, and a ready example of a business plan to open it.

In all times, construction has been and will be the most promising type of service delivery, as few of the ordinary people can build their own home, renovate the apartment, change pipes, because special skills, knowledge and professionalism are required.

In this article, we will consider the plan itself, as well as the basic information related to the opening of construction firms and their subsequent success.

Construction firm business plan - example

We offer you a free-of-charge model business plan for a construction firm to open a small repair and construction organization of 11 people, including the director.

It is clear that, in your case, the costs may, of course, be substantially different, that is, everything depends on the amount of your services, their types, and the number of orders and volume of work.

Don't forget that many construction companies and firms are very often using leasing companies that provide specialized equipment, construction equipment and rental personnel, so that at any time, you may also be able to increase your staff with ease, but read this below in Spencer, Equipment and Leasing.

How do you open a construction firm?

All right, let's see how to open a building firm (company) in detail.

In fact, the process of opening this firm is nothing different from any other. Key points for GSs are:

  1. Name of the organization - construction firm;
  2. Company location;
  3. Charter capital;
  4. Social organizers (participants).

Based on the above, you will need the following documents:

  • Copies of the authors ' passports and/or information on the legal persons who are founders (name, location, DGN, ROCPO, NIS);
  • Information on the address of the location of the registered lawn, you;
  • Information on the main activities of the construction firm;
  • Information on the size and manner in which capital formation is established.

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