Cost Estimates For Home Construction

Налоговый вычет на строительство жилого домаSuch deductions are paid to those citizens of Russia who regularly pay taxes and have not yet exercised their right to discharge them. This type of benefit is not only used for the purchase of ready housing, but also for the construction of a private house. In this case, one construction site is identified by one right to tax deduction in the construction of the house. It is not important, however, that payments will be made during many tax periods.

Сумма налогового вычета на строительство домаPrinciples of benefit

Privacy Construction of a home NDFL is reimbursed in three cases:

  • Actual payment of interest earned by a bank or a microfinance organization. In this case, it is important to spend money, that is, to spend exclusively on the purchase of construction materials or the payment of worker services.
  • The actual costs of a citizen building, but only if these costs are documented.
  • After the purchase of a plot of land allocated for the purposes of the FAW, as well as the granting of a certificate of ownership of a private house built on the site.

The following costs of the developer shall be applied to actual costs:

  • Payment of construction materials used in construction;
  • Payment of services to external organizations for the preparation of project documents, estimates, inter-agency plans, etc.
  • Expenses for the acquisition of an unbuilt home;
  • Provision of services and services to support organizations to connect the building to utility networks and engineering designs;
  • All costs incurred during the separation or construction of an unfinished facility are also payable, but only if identical materials were not purchased for construction.

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