Construction Of House Construction

Смета строительства дома

The initial phase of the construction of the cattle house involves the development of construction plans. The cost estimates for the construction of the cattle house should include the cost of material to build the foundation, walls, close the roof and take into account all types of work. With construction materials, construction costs and boxes on your hands, you can manage construction costs.

Construction season 2016. As we have always at the beginning of each construction season, we have prepared a small leaflet for a private developer who hopes to help them build their home with minimal problems.

The quality of construction works and the cost of building a suburban house. Construction estimates and construction cost structure.

The purpose of this article is to demonstrate to a potential developer the value of the construction of a type of foundation. This will be particularly interesting for those developers who are able to choose from the geologic and architects of the types of foundation that will meet the necessary construction conditions.

In developing the topic of the cost of the construction of the country house, we publish material on the main types of construction in the Moscow area of the construction of gas-tight blocks.

The topic was also raised as a result of numerous interviews with private housing developers. The main criterion for most developers is the value of 1 square metres in a given factor. building technology♪ I mean, before you pick a project at the house, the builder wants to know, and what house, brick, gas-blocks, carcasing or brushe would be cheaper to build.

The construction of a single-storey house box is cheaper than the construction of a single-storey house with a mansard floor and much less a two-storey house with a mansard third floor, but it's in absolute numbers. But if we count the value of 1 square metres of useful space, we'll see a very different picture. The value of 1 square metres of single-storey house is costly to the customer than the two-storey and mansard house.

In this material, we will consider two of the most economical types of blockage used in the construction of the country ' s homes is the overlapping of wooden balls and floors. In order to understand the cost of 1 square metres of closures and floors on designated designs, we will consider the example of a closed space of 5x5 m. and 60 cm high from the ground level.

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