How To Estimate Construction

What do you mean?

Before construction works are carried out, it is important to draw up estimates that will estimate your costs. This can be done both manually and through special computer programmes. This should take into account the scope of work, the technology to be applied, the time frame for construction, the number of people and how the project will be funded (time and volume).

Through literacy estimatesyou will be able to monitor the consistency of planned work and completed over a period. This will help you streamline the schedule of work and the movement of finance. In order to assess the cost of the future home, standard models can be used and prices for materials and work can be calculated.

Also draw attention to:

  • house planning;
  • Number of rooms in the project;
  • dimensions of the structure;
  • The area that will occupy the building.

Allocation of major cost groups

1. The main building material, let's say you're planning on using the brus. We do not forget the variety and performance of wood, all this will affect the total cost of this item.

2. Other materials for building the house: roof, floor board, various materials for building walls.

3. Distance materials: various paints, parks, stoves.

4. Fundation: The amount of material required and the cost of delivery, as well as the costs of contracting organizations, should be calculated.

5. Communication costs: gasification, electricity, plumbing and sewerage.

Detailed analysis

When major cost groups were cleared, they could be allocated to the building blocks, walls, roofs and separations.


  • architectural features of the building;
  • Design solutions;
  • Blood format;
  • Types and number of future communications;
  • The need for special equipment and construction;
  • The cost of transporting materials to the site of construction;
  • Cost of removal of construction debris;
  • Costs of various construction site assessments
  • The cost of the work of the designers.

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