House Construction Cost

расчет сметы на строительство

Device of the fundamental stove 0, 3, reinforced with hydrosolation and related ground preparation.
Cost estimates for the construction of the housing building 10 x 12 (780,000 roubles).
Construction of a foundation under the stone house. The structure of the foundation is a small, deep ribbon, top of the monolithic plate.

Estimates of the base of 8x12 small deck (280,000 roubles) Monolithic.
Estimated base with stack and monolithic plate (878,000 roubles)
It's a wooden or stone house. Foundation design: Swai, ribbon 1m above the foundational monolithic plate.
It's under a stone house with a basement under a cat. The walls are completely monolithic.
Construction estimates I don't know. The structure of the foundation is swai 2m, bound by a monolithic tape over which a monolithic plate is produced.

Construction of a monolithic foundation with a basement. Three options for laying the foundation Basic, Standard, Premium. Construction area 229 m2

Locational estimates for a simple stropile system with blood material. Blood area 476 m2.

It's under a stone house with a full basement. The walls are completely monolithic 510 mm wide.
Integrated estimates for the alteration of fundamental designs, the improvement of the territories, and others. Cost estimates for cattle maintenance.
Cost estimates for the refurbishment and refurbishment of the production facility with the reinforcement of the closure plate and the introduction of endurance polyurethane ground coatings, with the consignment notes for the installation of high-quality production equipment. Photo report.
Intensive calculation of concrete work on a monolythno-armated closure of the first floor and a monolithic pool.
Estimates for the construction of a taped foundation with a monolithic base.
Estimates for the construction of a 245 square metres base. The estimates take into account the associated work: the mobilization of the facility, the technical well device, the 160 mph device, the device of the entry group.

Workload of 33 cubic metres. Total stove area 130 square metres.

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