Pieter Construction

On 1 May 1703, Russian troops in the course of the North War fighting took the Swedish fortress of Nyenshanz (in the Nev River of Otah). The Military Council, led by Petr I, decided that this fortress for further strengthening would not be appropriate: Nienshanz is not much stronger from nature, as the king himself said. In addition, Nienshanz was far from the sea, and the Swedes remained able to strengthen on one of the islands of the Nev Delta. The Russians would still be cut off from the sea.

Having examined the Delta islands directly, Petr found exactly what he needed: An island located at Nev's two sleeves down the sea. On all sides, the island was was wasted with water, which would be a natural barrier in the event of its storm. From the island, it was possible to keep enemy ships under the radar, wherever they came to Nev.

There's gonna be a city... ♪ Nikolai DVOLROOLS

16 (27) May 1703, on St. Trinity Day, a fortress was placed on the island. This is the day that St Petersburg founded. But the name of the fortress was only 29 June when, on Petrov, the church of St. Peter and Paula was set up here. Peter called a new fort "Sant-Peterbourh", that's the name that comes from a town around the island. Apostol Peter, Christian, was the custodian of the keys to heaven, and it also seemed like a Russian king symbolic: the city with the name of his heavenly patron should be the key to the Baltic Sea. Only a few years later, the fortress became called Petropavlovsky, by the name of its main body.

Plan of Petropavlov

The plan for a future fortress was written by Peter himself. The building of the strengthening was very fast to make it in a short summer. And indeed, by the fall of 1703, the fortress was "extended." In the first years, its walls for expediting were poured out of the ground, and the construction of stone-colds began three years later, in 1706.

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