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строительство здания из ЛСТК
The skyscraper from the tree!
As early as next year, Russian developers will be able to change the ferreton to wood, the authorities are planning to lift the ban on wood multi-storey construction. The development of the regulatory framework has been undertaken by the Ministry of the Russian Federation, and the draft will be ready by 2017. As long as the experts decide how to turn the tree into a safe and tidy-friendly material, we've developed the top of the most successful wood housing projects.
England: First Lewis in London
The world ' s first-ever architecture of wood is built in London in 2009. A building known as the Grafit Apartments has a height of 30 metres or nine floors. The house consists of 29 housing units, several commercial and social premises.
The skyscraper carcas is made of fat, like plywood, panels. They were manufactured in Austria from the tree plates. The pound and the first floor of the concrete. By the way, the chief architect of the project later complained about that decision. Andrew Waugh admitted he should have risked and made the building completely wooden. When the panels were produced, they cut through windows and doors, technical openings and power lines. The building was collected with kronsteins and rifles.
In fact. wood engineering It was more expensive than the usual ferretone. However, they saved on mounting: instead of the expensive tower, the builders were expended on cargo and construction forests. House collection took only nine weeks (four workers worked only three days each).
In addition to wood in the construction of the London house, the graphite was used, from here to nickname. To fully match the name of the facade of the building with black-blooded panels. By the way, pest panels are also 70% of processed wood processing waste.
Norway: tape record change
The highest wooden building in the world is in the Norwegian town of Bergen. The 14-stage Treet Bergen, 51 meters high, became operational last year.
There's a building on wooden columns, every inch of thickness. The builders used laminated glue bruises as inferior designs. The house was collected from 48 pre-prepared wooden modules. The thorn parts of the building protect metal sideing from the severe Scandinavian climate. The rest of the phase has been done from the glass.

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