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Since Bogdan Khmelnitzkih ' s street, the house has been broken and two people have died for more than three months, and the perpetrators of this tragedy have not yet been held accountable. Why are the capital monuments of the architecture just taking and crashing in the middle of the day, why are they reconstructing people who have absolutely no reason and permission to do so, why, because of negligence, even, forgiveness, inadequacy, innocent deaths and why the investigation, for more than three months (25 February). To ensure that these issues are not too rhetorical, a number of facts and arguments should be put into a single line and all points over " I " should be placed so that those who deserved to go where they deserved it.

Okay, here we go. It's the saddest thing in this story. The emergency took place on 25 February, when several inter-ethnic closures broke down in Kiev in a segregated emergency building on Bogdan Khmelnicsky Street 12-14. The house at this address, as mentioned above, refers to architecture monuments (1884). This is Wolfson's name. This is reflected in the Kiev Architecture and History. It also states that this house is an exemplary sample of the profitable housing construction of the end of 19 - the beginning of 20 centuries in the central part of the city. The fact that this house is a slice of real estate pie in the center of the capital for many rich people is no doubt. However, he stayed long without a single owner, which means that the owners were many, but not a whole house, but separate apartments. The house has been transferred to the DIS balance with the same name " Hmelnicsky 12-14 " . Despite everything, the house has been recognized as an emergency and has been removed since 2004. Irina Boyko, the wife of the Minister of Environment in the Government of Azarov Viktor Boyko, is said to be a member of SDMX. Irina Boyko runs a restaurant on the first floor of the said house. It was also established by the Geoinvest GS until 2013. In 2004, this firm became an investor at Bogdan Hmelnitzkih, 12-14, who was found to be an emergency. Under the contract, the firm was required to resolve the issue of the separation of three families who were still living in it as of 2004 and, after reconstruction, to acquire 4,700 square metres of the building.

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