Construction Of A Maternity Home

Строительство дома под

The Materin Capital Programme, as at the beginning of 2016, provides for three possible areas of government assistance to families with children: improving housing conditions, creating a cumulative portion of the mother ' s pension, as well as education for children. The FIU is also beginning to receive applications for a certificate of social adaptation for disabled children. At the same time, maternal capital for the construction of a house is one of the most frequent options for improving housing conditions.

Maternal direction construction of a homestep by step

If your child, the birth of which gave you the right to receive family capital, has already attained 3 years (or will be implemented soon) and you wish to build a house for the whole family, your plans can begin. In 2014, we need to do so.

Step 1. Land should be bought, leased or granted the right to use or inheritance to land. This is important because mother ' s capital cannot be directed towards the purchase of a site, but only for direct construction. This is explained by the fact that the " race " of the plot cannot live, and therefore its purchase will not be an improvement in the housing conditions required by the law.

Step 2. It is important to determine how the construction of the house will be carried out: by a contracting organization or by the family. These are two main ways of using maternal capital to build a home.

Step 3. We are contacting the Pension Fund office in the place of residence or location to apply for mother ' s capital to build a dwelling. A statement will need to be submitted to the Pension Fund with all necessary documents. We'll consider this question in greater detail.

If you choose a builder option, the paper will have to provide:

  1. Copies of construction permits;
  2. A copy of the construction contract;
  3. Obligation to place the house in the common property of all family members upon completion of construction;
  4. A copy of the right to land.

If you decide to build a house on your own, you'll need to submit the same documents as the contractors, except for a copy of the construction contract.

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