Construction Of A New Home

менять старые венцы

The Dogs Clin's "Good Tritory"
Come on! It's not just one life, not even ten. The Good Shelter now contains more than 100 animals. Help everyone, help them all!
Support our project on the Planet for fundraising new construction At home, our puffy tails! Just a few days left.
Turn good and it'll be back to you!
We need to move, we need to reconstruct everything from the beginning, the fence, the volts, the bulls, the power, the water.
The land issue is under consideration. We have six years of promise by the administration to dedicate the land, and all these years we live with hope. We've signed up for another admission to the head of the city of Sokoll A.D., and as a result of this reception, we'll be clear--- or we'll get land leases, or... friends, maybe this is how we'll have to buy a precinct from the planet... Release of the occupied territory in any case should be released shortly and the fate of the shelter and its residents depend on all of us.
All of us depend on the lives of the occupants of the shelter and their fate!
Don't leave us at the most difficult moment. Remember, there's no little help, every shirt, it's a chance for our tailors to find a house and beloved hosts, and for abandoned street dogs, to get a refuge in the walls of our shelter.
Tonight, there's only 11 voleurs, so the roof above the head will be at 33 wet noses, and what about the rest? You can't pick one, but you can't put the rest on the door.
We're people! We are the creator of this planet and we are responsible for those who cannot take care of themselves. Let's do good together!
Support us simply:
1. Move to Planet's site and make any list you can afford and thus give us a chance to live by our dependent animals.
2. Do the post, ask personal friends and friends to help us.
3. Ask us to disseminate information about us through the social media.

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