How To Obtain Permission To Build A House

Как получить разрешение на строительство домаIt's not as hard as they say to get permission to build a house. You can get the specialist to work for you. But you can do it yourself if you read the answers to the questions on this subject in our article.

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When building permits are not required

Under the " RPF Code of Construction " , permission is not granted in construction:

  1. Garage on the land area that belongs to the physical;
  2. Минимум требований к параметрам дома для строительстваOn the land allocated for horticulture and subsistence farming;
  3. Non-capital buildings (kios, hinges, temporary constructions);
  4. temporary structures and structures (partners, heaters, summer ranges, small warehouses and similar facilities)

No authorization will be required if major repairs do not plan to remove the walls and redesign the premises.

Where to obtain permission to build a house

To get permission, we're going to the local administration where we get the application form. But it can only be accepted after all the documents are filed. WARN:

  • Local governments are obliged to grant you permission free of charge;
  • They can't ask you for documents not specified in the Code of Arts;
  • The application has no right to review more than 10 days from the date of submission;
  • If the owner of the site is changed, the authorization shall not be cancelled;
  • You can obtain permission at any time before the construction is completed, but then make sure that you do not violate the requirements of the law (the location of the facility in the water protection zone, the historical place, etc.). In order to obtain a home ownership claim during construction.

You'll be denied. Construction permitif:

  1. You did not provide the necessary documents;
  2. construction of the site is not possible;
  3. The design plan does not meet the minimum requirements.

What documents do you need? Construction of a home

It's important not to miss anything in the process of collecting documents, because in this case, you won't have a statement. Here's the basic list of documents:

  1. Statement;
  2. Order that the administration has provided you with a construction site;
  3. Plan of the site;
  4. Project passport at home;
  5. If the Brigade builds a licence for the right to construction;
  6. Agreement on the right to building;
  7. An order by the Administration to permit construction on the site.

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