New Technologies For Building Houses

If you want to imagine what a Russian province is, come to Chuklama, 180 kilometres north of Kostrom. In this quiet and ancient city, you can see the essence of the very depth of Russia. The Russian Federation, which preserves the perpetuity of traditions, preserves popular customs and respects patriarchality. The Cchlomese are not alienated by old-fashioned sanctity, which condemns the disintegration and devastation of the modern world and denounces morality. Chukloma is a worthy Russian province, a different world, a little lost in the fussing events on the planet.
The modern Chuchloma is not very different from the Chuloma of the past centuries: the same wooden houses from the cuts are the main type of city, yet the same, almost mid-century, unsuccessful rhythm of the city has been given to its inspired and extensive residents with a special, northern type of temperament. The indigenous chuklomich never does anything in a hurry, rushing on the other hand, taking on any case, he'll think about it first with a feeling, a cliché, a setting. So in Chuloma, there's no need to do anything and make decisions in the guts, impulsive. It's not going well, sizeable, in a different pace than megapolis.
Insufficiently walking around the quiet old Chukloms, which look almost the same as in the past centuries (if not to pay attention to asphalted roads and satellite antennas on rooftops wooden housesI mean, maybe it's just that the corner's gonna make a run with horses with the head of the county palace or the Earth doctor...

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