List Of Construction Permits

Документ-разрешение на строительство

Land issue

Any construction begins from the ground. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to understand how the land area is allowed to be used. The possibility of construction depends on certain characteristics of the site: the category of land and the type of permitted use. They can be found from the cadastral passport (plan, discharge) of the land.

The construction of a house on a site other than " human settlements " may be difficult. If these are " agricultural land " , the site can be reclassified. In the case of specially protected areas, defence, communications and other areas, construction permits may not be issued, but such lands may not be transferred to another category.

There may also be problems with the appointment (by way the site is permitted). The law allows for the construction of a residential house on a handful or private farm (if located within the boundaries of a settlement) but prohibits doing so on a garden or a garden.

If the site is intended for " individual housing " or " maintenance and operation of a dwelling " , the task will be simplified.

Перечень документов на разрешение на строительствоNecessity of a construction permit

The first step in the construction of the country house is to obtain Construction permits♪ Article 51 of the Code of Arts. The construction permit is a document that certifies the conformity of the project documentation with the requirements of the land plot and gives the developer the right to build.

Before seeking a construction permit, it is necessary to understand whether this is necessary in your case.

Federal Act No. 93-FZ of 30 June 2006 amending Federal Act No. 174-FZ on " good amnesty " is in force. Its point is that the registration of ownership of an individual residence or an object built on a land area located in a settlement line intended for personal maintenance does not require permission to enter the site. In order to obtain a permit for the commissioning of the facility, a building permit must be granted.

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