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Can a private country house be built without a project? No project is needed to obtain a permit for the construction of an individual home. But can serious technical errors be avoided without him and the quality of the building be ensured? Let's try to figure it out.

Rhys. 1. The home-grown drawing will make it possible to build a very modest summer house.

What questions do you need to be answered by anyone who starts building? The size and form of the building, its location on the frontier, the design features of the main elements, construction materials, how to connect to networks, budget and timelines. Basically, we need to collect a package of documents with answers to all these questions. This package is called a project.

Under current legislation, the construction of a house with a height of not more than three floors, with a total area of up to 1,500 square metres per family, does not require a project. Suffice to make a sketch of the future building on which to obtain construction permits at home.

proekt doma 2.pngSo, you're starting to build, and if the project is decided to give up, then the basic drawing needs to be done. But this design approach is possible only for a summer house without communication, except with electricity. We'll just say that there's no good outcome.

If the plan is to build a full-fledged house, the project, of course, is necessary, and there's no need for specialists. What are the merits of the country house project? Through it, the home ' s identity, comfort and many other characteristics can be presented. And if you don't like anything, fixing mistakes in the project is easier and cheaper than in the construction phase.

The professional preparation of the project documents ensures that it is in conformity with all technical regulations (GAS, SNIPA, etc.). In addition, by building a house for the professionals, you're giving them full responsibility.

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