Capital Planning In Construction

Графики производства работ в

As already noted, construction projects (BEPs) and construction projects (PPPs) are being developed at certain design stages. PIC and PDP contain calendar plans.
Calendar plan - This project document, which defines the sequence and timing of individual works, establishes their technological interlinkages in accordance with the nature and scope of construction and construction work. A consolidated calendar is being developed as part of the PIC Construction planas part of the PDP, calendar plans for the production of individual facilities.
The basic data for the development of the calendar plan are work drawings, construction data, logistics information and regulatory (advisory) construction timelines. The calendar plans provide for the application of advanced technology for the production of works; the construction of a by-product method with maximum reconciling of works, the equal loading of major performers and the equivalent consumption of resources; and compliance with technical and safety regulations.

In the consolidated calendar plan, the planned units take stock of construction and construction volumes in monetary terms and timelines for the years, quarters and months. In the calendar plans for the production of individual units of planned units, the types of construction and construction work expressed in natural measurements are considered. The calendar plans are implemented as linear or network schedules and cyclograms.
The calendar plan is structured in a sequence: project materials are studied in detail with the design methods of construction and the selection of basic construction mechanisms; work volumes are calculated with the determination of the regulatory capacity to carry out the work on the specified nomenclature, the number of machines and the composition of the working crews; the design of the construction phases and construction and installation units to be included in the schedule;
The study of project materials is carried out with a view to making the most progressive technological and organizational decisions. It is determined that both specialized (private) flows and the complex flow of the construction of the facility can be treated in streams. Design elements and construction products are baseline data to determine the number of seizures, the number of specialized and integrated brigades, etc.
The difficulty of construction and installation shall be determined according to the existing ERs according to the volumes calculated according to the drawings. In carrying out work under specific conditions not provided for by the NER, the calculation of labour intensity is carried out according to local standards. As the labour force is heavily influenced by the way construction works are produced, they are defined and assigned before the labour intensity is calculated. If there are many ways of producing work, a feasibility comparison of options is made. After calculating the labour intensity of certain construction and construction works, a calendar is being prepared. ♪ ♪

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