Engineering In Construction

Метрологическое обеспечение строительстваRefert to: Meteorological construction.

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Chapter I Approaches to Understanding Metrology as Science.
Chapter II Legal and technical framework for metrology.
Chapter III Metrological construction services.
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Metrology and construction, these are two non-explosive fragments of social material support. In order to create quality, sustainable, such as living conditions for people, it is not only necessary to understand that the home must be sustainable, comfortable, safe, but must also be able to do so. To that end, we are referring to metrology, science, which offers us various ways of achieving the required precision from us to a millimetre.
One of the important tasks of metrology is the creation of a common measurement theory. The objective is to achieve a state of measurement in which the results are expressed in the Russian Federation ' s units of application, and the measurements ' accuracy indicators do not go beyond the boundaries.
But unfortunately, to date, we are at times confronted with the problem of inconsistencies, namely, the accuracy of measurements allowed in the territory of the Russian Federation goes beyond the established borders, which is not good for both the natural environment, the environment and the people living in the territory.
Non-serious treatment of metrology Construction may cause irreparable mistakes. More specifically, a irresponsible approach to the construction case could lead to death. That is, the problem of decent material livelihoods, their psychological and physical health, is a direct reflection of the relevance of the topic, namely, the metrology of construction.
As mentioned above, metrology and construction are two non-explosive fragments of social material support.

Year: 2010

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