Nanotechnology In Construction

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The construction sector is dealing with a large number of raw materials and various innovative materials are already being used in modern construction and are beginning to contribute to the future architecture.

But for now, actual use nanotechnologies in construction It is rather limited, as innovations are mostly susceptible to superficial effects rather than to new construction materals. However, the achievement of fundamental research in the field of nanotechnologies is gradually moving towards the construction industry.

Design composite materials with unique solid characteristics, new types of fixtures, unique light-transparent nappets, self-cleaning and wearable coatings, steamproof and flexible glass have already been obtained.

They look fantastic. prospects for further development♪ For example:

  • bases of buildings with a self-regulatory system for compensation for landing
  • buildings monitoring their own tensile status
  • Protective structures and roofs that store solar energy
  • coatings responding to the psychophysical condition of people
  • photocatalytic and other functional coatings

- all this should be the foundation of the modern world. home A new generation.

Without the application of nanotechnology, energy-dependent projects cannot be fully implemented Alternate House♪ The main feature of the " pastry house " (echoma, anglom. passive house) is low energy consumption and almost complete energy dependency, which ensures the full range of thermal and self-producing capabilities.

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