The modular type car was constructed on the basis of the fast-moving design of the carcass of the mine and the technical module containing the equipment and control. In the modular version of the washing, the equipment is placed in a technical closet of stainless steel, and a proper discharge of water and chemistry has been made to the washing posts.

  • Core cars are the latest best way to invest in money;
  • Investments in self-services have all the benefits of real estate investments, but income is 10 times higher than the traditional type of real estate investment;
  • On a hand-held car, the car washed in quality, but it would take a minimum of 40 minutes and the cost of the service would be at least 250 roubles. The lion ' s share of the cost is the salaries of the staff;
  • The mechanic of self-service is practically not in need of staff. Grabs one administrator for 6-8 posts;
  • On self-service, golf-class car washing, whiskey and foam took between 5 and 10 minutes, with an average cheque of 60 roubles;
  • The correctly constructed washing would operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, under any weather conditions.
  • The profitability of self-serving from Aqua Technology is more than 83 per cent!

The self-service units are established on the basis of fast-moving construction elements. Through this approach, the customer has the opportunity to fulfil the object in the desired manner. The number of washing stations in the complex is limited to the customer ' s wishes and land area.

The Aquathenology Company offers 3 options for a self-service post:

Modular type Motels

Container type motels

Cell equipment

Aquathenology also offers a wide range of self-service equipment:

High-pressure machines

Industrial vacuumsDiensorship systems

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