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The reason for the illegal building on the street. Gonchara, 17/23. The construction shall not exceed 27 m. It is now 38 m high.

"The construction of the central part of the city has a certain high ceiling. And out of its bounds is a violation, so-called Blue Line, which has a negative impact on the species of discovery by the Left Bank of Dnieper and even within the city ' s neighbourhoods, by an archaeologist in the National Reserve of the Sofia Kiev Timur Bobrovsky.

The Kiev City Council met today to address this issue.

The Chairman of the interim monitoring commission, Olga Beletskaya, reported on the state of construction. She stressed that if the developer did not agree to lower the floor of the building, law enforcement agencies intervened.

New construction It is possible on the basis of historical and construction grounds. I mean, like Kozim Prutkov said, "if you can't, but you want to, you can." Investor, if I really wanted to build a building on the street. Gonchara 17/23, ordered a historical and urban rationale. It's a commercial product. The larger the employer pays, the higher the number of floors, the depth of the park, the magnitude, etc. This is a terrible practice in our country, which explains the member of the College of the General Council of the Ukrainian Society for the Protection of Historic and Cultural Monuments, Irina Nikiforov.

The Commission requires the reduction of the floor of the facility, the avoidance of the fixed-wing lease, the acceleration of the pre-trial investigation of the criminal offence by the developer.

"The position of the city authorities is unchangeable - the facility must fully comply with all the requirements of the law in the city," said by Secretary Kievsot Vladimir Prokopov.

Previously, illegal construction, threatening to remove Sofia Kiev from the UNESCO cultural heritage list, was reportedly stopped by the Kiev authorities with the support of local activists. Work is now known to continue again.

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